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About RI MI

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RI MI has been in the making for many years. When the owner, Bukola Shoaga, decided to transition to  dressing more modest, she struggled to find clothing that matched her aesthetic. After scrolling through countless pages of popular websites, she grew tired of constantly being disappointed.  She figured if she couldn't find modest clothing for her taste, she would make her own. She began to sew her own clothing. This planted the seeds of designing and of RI MI. 

Ri Mi isn’t the average modest clothing brand. It’s a community and a movement. You see, Ri Mi in the Yoruba language means "see me." We’re on a mission to empower women to see themselves and to make stylish modest-wear more accessible, elegant, unique, and high-quality than ever.

We want you to decide how you are seen, what people notice. and how you express your sense of style and personality. This brand was created as a way to share the founder’s passion for creativity, modesty, and unique style.

At RI MI, our clothing brand speaks for a modest woman’s image, empowering them is at the core of the brand, to provide them with tools to help them feel good and strong about themselves in the most modest way possible.

Our brand is defined by the quality of the collections, the impact of our forward-thinking and relate-ability to the diversified consumer of today, and our custom designs that depict fashion. We carefully ride with the industry wave; picking and establishing innovative ideas to distinguish our brand and the entirety of our products and services from others.

We hope you feel seen!


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